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Our team is proud to announce that since January 2019,
BUSH HONEY has been greener than ever having installed
44 solar panels!

Bush Honey is a Queensland family business, packing quality 100% Australian honey since 1988.  We have been beekeepers so understand the full spectrum of the industry. Through our contacts and our experience, we are able to present many varieties of honey from all over Australia.

The colour texture and flavour differences are incredible. Many of our satisfied customers call or write to say, "I didn't know honeys could be so deliciously different."

Our varieties change with the beekeeping year - one tree finishes flowering and the bees are moved to the next area with nectar producing trees - possibly many hundreds of kilometres away. Some of our varieties are quite rare because the trees only flower occasionally. Below are some of our seasonal varieties:

"Bush Honey" is always available. (Our most popular variety because we don't blend to a colour or flavour) It is ever changing sometimes very light and sometimes very dark - totally dependent on the mixed floral source the bees are gathering at the time.

Our straight flavours take their name from the predominant tree flowering. These can be Brush Box, Spotted Gum, Ironbark, Stringybark, White Box, Wildflower, Canola, Tea Tree, Yapunyah, Crow's Ash (very strong) Blue Gum, Black River Box, Sandy Gum, Macadamia, Mallee Box, Avocado, Bloodwood, (coastal and inland) Swamp Mahogany, Yellow Box, Brown Box, Banksia, Coolibah and our premium honey Yellow Box.

Bush Honey